Hillary’s Relaunch

Campaign For America’s Future has the article Hillary’s Relaunch. It is an excellent analysis. I would take their comments a step further than they did.

The call for an infrastructure bank and issuing bonds shows that she knows nothing about modern money theory. We are trying to pump money into the economy through fiscal policy. We don’t need to take money out of the economy by selling bonds. Although, I must admit, if the bonds are bought by the wealthy, and we take their money out of one investment into another, that could work out well. Even better would be to tax the money away from the wealthy. We don’t need to be paying them interest for lending us back our own money. I don’t think her economic advisers are sharp enough to get the difference. Also, if they do know the difference, they need to be educating the public on this nuance. They need to dispel the myth that we need taxes or bonds to borrow back the money the government freely creates with a few keystrokes on a computer.

Her call for tax incentives for corporations that do the right thing sounds like more giving away taxes to the wealthy. We ought to tax penalize the companies that do the wrong thing, and charge normal taxes on companies that do the right thing.

What she said on foreign policy was enough to indicate that she was overly hawkish. Did she have to poke Russia and Iran? Did she fail to mention what we have done to those to countries to make them our adversaries? Does she feel that “standing up to them” is part of our problem? Did she own up to our provocation in the Ukraine that made this situation the mess that it is?

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