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A New Bank Boycott Movement Starting?

Naked Capitalism has the article A New Bank Boycott Movement Starting?

One of the county supervisors of California’s Santa Cruz County recommended that the county end, to the extent possible, its business dealings with the four banks that had admitted to criminal conduct in a settlement with the Department of Justice and paid a total of $6 billion in fines.

You might want to compare this behavior of a county in California with the behavior we get from the current leaders and media in Boston. Here are a few of my posts that you can look at for comparison.

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  4. The Boston Globe Covers Up for Wall Street, Ignores Swaps Losses in Coverage of MBTA Turmoil
  5. Boston Globe Ignores Its Own Culpability In Misleading About the MBTA

The only way the truth about the MBTA could slip into The Boston Globe is in the opinion piece Baker exploits MBTA’s winter woes to push ill-conceived reform by Larry Hanley.

Summer is here, but Governor Baker is still exploiting Bostonians’ frustration with last winter’s blizzard breakdown of public transit to push through an MBTA reform package that will jeopardize the service, safety, and affordability of Boston’s bus and rail service.

The brief bio at the end of the piece says, “Larry Hanley is international president of the Amalgamated Transit Union.” If you hadn’t read my background comments on the Globe’s culpability, you might have just dismissed this opinion piece as biased self-interest. Maybe that is why they let it slip into the “newspaper”. Neat trick to appear fair and balanced, but actually trying to manipulate your opinion. More subtle than Faux Noise, and therefore more pernicious.