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The Huffington Post has the story Hillary Clinton Focuses On Middle-Class Wages In Sweeping Economic Policy Speech.

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton focused on the problem of stagnant middle-class wages on Monday in the first major economic policy speech of her presidential campaign.

In sweeping remarks at the progressive New School in New York City, the Democratic candidate said that higher wages are driven by strong, fair and long-term growth, offering policy proposals that fit into each of those three categories. Clinton praised the policies pursued by President Barack Obama, but suggested that more needs to be done to help middle-class families. Her message echoed themes espoused by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who has made her mark on the Democratic Party by arguing that the economy is rigged against the middle class.

Missing Video Issue
If the above video is missing go to the Huffington Post web site Hillary Clinton Focuses On Middle-Class Wages In Sweeping Economic Policy Speech to see many textual excerpts from the speech. However, they probably can’t show the video either.
The story she told at the beginning about the history of this country over the last 35 years is almost exactly the story that Elizabeth Warren tells. The main difference is that Elizabeth Warren talks about the 50 years between the depression and the last 40 years when it all began to unravel. Warren also doesn’t tout the flawed policies of the Clinton administration which seemed so good at the time, but sowed the seeds of destruction that led up to the collapse of 2008-2009.

I don’t like Hillary’s message as much as I like Warren’s message, but if Hillary is able to sell it better than her rival candidates, then less power to her. It would be a shame if she were able to convince us that her husband’s policies weren’t a big part of the problem.

If only she felt that she could be completely honest about the whole story, she might be a candidate that I could eventually support. The fact that she has to gloss over certain facts (some would call it lying), makes me suspicious that she would be able to do all that needs to be done if she were ever to become President.

You can tell in the paragraphs above how my take on Clinton’s remarks changed even as I wrote the words.

Thanks go to Wesley Chrabasz for posting this on his Facebook page.

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One thought on “Hillary Clinton Focuses On Middle-Class Wages In Sweeping Economic Policy Speech

  • SteveG Post author

    Clinton also does not mention nor seem to realize what I have been remarking about some of what Bernie Sanders has been talking about recently. He has been saying that economic growth for the sake of growth is not good enough if most people don’t share in that growth. I would change that a little to say that the way we measure economic growth needs to be rethought.. If we use the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) indicator as a proxy for economic growth, then we aren’t looking at the right measure. When a rising tide did lift all boats, this may have been a good measure. When almost all economic growth goes to the top 10% or 1%, then this measure becomes useless as an indicator of the health of the nation’s economy.

    We really need to measure the growth of the standard of living of the median family in this country. By that measure, there has been no economic growth over the past decades. In fact, there has been a decline. If we used standard of living as a proxy for economic growth, then we would be telling the truth about what this country needs to do.