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Naked Capitalism has the post Kaliningrad, Russia – The Dagger Points East and West. The article is full of charts, and maps, and words. It sort of takes it into the TL;DR (too long; didn’t read category), but I did skim most of the rest of it after I realized it was TL;DR.

Cutting to the chase, I came across this excerpt toward the end.

That leaves the US and NATO to promote subversion inside Kaliningrad. The first deployments are of the green men and volunteers known by their western cover as investigative journalists.

I don’t know if there are any good guys in this game that is being played behind our backs. What little we know of the game is being leaked to us by people whose motive’s we don’t know. Perhaps both sides are just acting like scared little children who don’t know how to get themselves out of the mess they are in.

It seems to me, that at the very least each side is responding to escalating provocations from the other side. Each is hoping that its own most recent provocation will finally make the other side give in. We have seen this scenario played out in the lead up to probably most of the wars we have gotten into.

Isn’t there any way to stop the escalation? Can the two sides get together, and agree that this is all getting out of hand? Can they agree that they need to find some way to stop the escalation?

The only people who seem to have a stake in the future are the people with children and grandchildren who are not believers in an after life. People without children may make it out of this world before it all blows up. People who believe in the afterlife, depending on their particular beliefs, may think that the sooner Armageddon arrives, the better. That’s when we will all be resurrected to live in a Paradise. Is it going to be left to the rest of us to find a way to prevent WW III?

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One thought on “Kaliningrad, Russia – The Dagger Points East and West

  • Guy Rocky

    I think its obvious that shadow governments and advisers are pushing for a world war – especially as the last 2 went so well.
    I can never tell if most members of western governments are, ill informed, naive, in denial or just plain *lying.

    Poland are being played for fools like lambs for the slaughter – just look at Polish Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak. The monoglot gives the appearance of being totally out of his depths