A Dangerous Cycle in Food Production

The New York Times has the article A Dangerous Cycle in Food Production.

Enormous fields devoted to just one crop leave bees with a diet that lacks variety, and is available only during the short window when that plant is in bloom. Efficient modern practices mean the patches of weeds and wildflowers that once provided feeding grounds for bees in and around farms are no longer available.

Sharon was reading this article when she said to me, “See, this is why I don’t want you to mow our field of wild flowers and weeds.”

I said, “OK, I get it. I guess we will only use our lawn tractor to plow the snow and to vacuum up the leaves in fall.” I am just waiting for the article that explains how bad the ecology is of clearing leaves and blowing snow. I may have to break out those cross-country skis and buy some snow shoes yet.

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