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Bill Gates: Only Socialism Can Save the Climate, ‘The Private Sector is Inept’

US Uncut has the story Bill Gates: Only Socialism Can Save the Climate, ‘The Private Sector is Inept’.

Gates even tacked to the left and uttered words that few other billionaire investors would dare to say: government R&D is far more effective and efficient than anything the private sector could do.

Who should no better than the guy who practically single-handedly held back the progress of the world-wide computer industry so that his rigged-market capitalism could make him a rich SOB?

China also produces more electricity from wind power sources than every nuclear power plant in the U.S. put together. China’s wind output powered 110 million homes in 2014, as its wind farms generated 16 percent more power than in 2013, and 77 gigawatts of additional wind power are currently under construction. China’s energy grid is currently powered by 100 gigawatts of green energy, and aims to double green energy output to 200 gigawatts by 2020.

Bill Gates wants the U.S. to be an additional green energy leader, and expresses hope that there may still be enough time for the U.S. to take green energy investment seriously, and that the public sector can be instrumental in preventing a 2-degree increase in global temperatures.

“I don’t think it’s hopeless, because it’s about American innovation, American jobs, American leadership, and there are examples where this has gone very, very well,” Gates said.

If any Republican candidate gets elected as the next President of the USA, then I think you can kiss the position of the US as a world leader, good-bye. Maybe it is our civic duty to do this world that favor. Even the wife of the guy that said “the age of big government is over” may be harmful to this country.

Elizabeth Warren Rips the Obama Administration on Puerto Rico

Mother Jones has the article Elizabeth Warren Rips the Obama Administration on Puerto Rico: After Obama finally rolled out a plan, Sen. Warren calls on the government to do more for the US colony.

“I think Treasury needs to step up and show more leadership here,” she said. “During the financial crisis, when the banks were in trouble, Treasury did a lot more than just bail them out. Treasury stretched the limits of its authority to make sure that the banks stay afloat. It helped broker deals between banks, it applied pressure to get parties to accept deals they may not have liked very much. It has done that in multiple other crises as well, and now the people of Puerto Rico are calling.”

Maybe Hillary Clinton can use some influence with her daughter and son-in-law to use their hedge fund influence to get the vulture funds to back off. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders can continue in his efforts to restructure the Rigged-Market Capitalism in this country to be more like a Fair-Market Capitalism with a skosh more Democratic Socialism.