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#NotInMyName: ISIS Do Not Represent British Muslims

YouTube has the video #NotInMyName: ISIS Do Not Represent British Muslims.

Published on Sep 10, 2014

#NotInMyName: Young British Muslims at Active Change Foundation show their solidarity against ISIS and their actions. See how a simple message can be shared to show how ISIS is misrepresenting Islam.

“Not in My name” is a phrase I use, as a Jewish American, to decry what Israel does to its Palestinian residents and its Arab neighbors.

If you are angry that Muslims don’t speak out about the cruelty of ISIS, but ignore the instances when they do speak out, what does that say about you? How many videos have you produced against what people in some groups you are assumed to be in do stuff in your name?

El Niño Does Something It’s Never Done Before. Watch Out, California.

The Daily Kos has the story El Niño Does Something It’s Never Done Before. Watch Out, California.

A very stormy winter can be expected from California, across the gulf states and up the east coast. This year’s intense jet stream pattern will bring much warmer than normal temperatures to the northeastern United States and eastern Canada.

I don’t know if this means I can put my snow blower away, or if I need to buy more gasoline for it and my snow blade equipped lawn tractor.

A Russian Duo Story 1

YouTube has the video A Russian Duo Story.

Published on Nov 20, 2015

The origins of Russian Duo

As a fan of the Russian Duo and a Kickstarter supporter, I don’t know any more info on the story behind why this video was made, but I do love the music.

Perhaps the credits at the end of the video help to explain this.

Cerdits for The Russian Duo Story