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Proof Clinton PAC Is Paying Bernie Staffer

Niko House has published on YouTube the video Proof Clinton PAC Is Paying Bernie Staffer.

The intent of this post is to link the spoken words in his videos to the contents of the links that he provides as proof. My purpose is not to approve or disapprove of what he says. I only want to make it easier for you to see the parts, do your own research, and form your own opinion.

From his link FEC Filing Pg 59. Shows 7,500 paid to Ashmead in January. REPORT OF RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS For Other Than An Authorized Committee. Priorities USA Action. This is the January 13, 2016 payment to The Ashmead Group.


Here is the February 4, 2016 payment to The Ashmead Group.

Pg. 45 Shows 7,500 paid for Ashmead in February

The images above are reports of the Priorities USA Action PAC payment to The Ashmead Group. Payments made to the third party by the Ashmead Group would not appear in these FEC reports. That is the whole point of using The Ashmead Group as an intermediary. It keeps the name of the ultimate recipient out of any federally mandated reports.

Diana Rogalle, President of The Ashmead group, is the one who could attest to who received payment from these disbursements to The Ashmead Group.

LinkedIn Summary For Diana Rogalle.

Anybody who wants corroboration fo what Niko House reports in the video would merely have to go to Diana Rogalle, and ask her if she told Niko that these payments went to Ryan Hughes in the Bernie Sanders campaign. So what I am saying here is that what Niko has reported is merely his report. If you want to verify his report, he has provided all the information you need. I have no idea what would happen if you followed the trail he has given you. You, or someone else, will have to follow the trail and report back on what they found for this to be corroboration. Niko has provided all that is reasonable to ask of him for proving his assertions. All I can hope for my post here is that I added just a smidgen of clarity to what Niko said.

Here a the web page of Priorities USA.

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