Daily Archives: May 27, 2016

The Vermont senator inexplicably agrees to debate Donald Trump

Salon has the article What the hell are you doing, Bernie? The Vermont senator inexplicably agrees to debate Donald Trump.  I haven’t read the article, but the title gives me an excuse to state my 2 cents worth.

When Sanders wins the nomination, he will then have to debate Trump for the general election. But somehow, it is a stupid idea to debate him now? Hillary is mired with still fighting Bernie which her supporters abhor, but it is stupid of Bernie to bypass Hillary and go after Trump directly?

If he can debate Trump well, then this is a very smart move. I am not sure of Bernie’s debating skills, but if he can’t take on Trump, better to learn that now than when he takes him on in the general election.

My fear of Sanders’ debating Trump is that Sanders will try to use the conventional arguments against Trump that have proven to be such losers to all those Republican contenders that are no longer in the race. With all the debates that Sanders has been through with Hillary Clinton, he and his team had to know every single ploy that she repeatedly used, yet they didn’t come up with good rebuttals for many of them.

Saying Trump is evil and dangerous and doesn’t know what he is talking about are all losing strategies. Saying that Trump recognizes the justifiable anger in the voters, but he identifies exactly the wrong causes would be a good start. Saying that Trump identifies the wrong culprits in an effort to divide people and shield the real culprits is the way to go.

Bernie needs to keep harping on the questions, Who are you shielding by going after the weak and powerless? Why don’t you go after the big banks, and break them up? Why don’t you try to undo the rigging of the system that your fellow billionaires have done so successfully over the last 40 years? Why not seek to punish white collar criminals who have done so much harm to ordinary people? Why not bail out the 99% instead of giving all the bail outs to the already wealthy?

Rock Trump back on his heels. Put him on the defensive. Take the fight right to him.