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Bev Harris – Hacking Democracy – Full Length (A Must See)

YouTube has the video of the HBO movie Hacking Democracy.

This is the story of Bev Harris and her organization Black Box Voting (http://www.blackboxvoting.org). She is a true American hero and a good example of what ALL Americans should be doing to ensure that our rights and liberties are protected against the elitist and special interest’s agenda!


I defy you to watch this movie and then tell me you are tired of hearing about the possibility of there being election fraud. Just from looking at the machine that sucks in my ballot here in Sturbridge, I would guess that we use the Diebold system. I have never attended the public sessions where the Town Clerk verifies that the machines are working. Before seeing this movie, I would not have known what questions to ask. Now I know that the issue is in the memory card that is put into the machine. If it is an honest memory card, then the machine will pass with flying colors. If the memory card has been tampered, there is nothing that the Town Clerk or the public would be able to do to detect the tampering, given the tools that Diebold provides.

The election monitoring system that I have outlined on my blog “Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections (Full Length)” could detect this kind of fraud.

My vote checking system does not depend on access to the secret Diebold software. It does not depend on access to the memory cards. My system would be relatively easy to implement using existing computer technology and software. What is the chance that something like what I have described, a system that is not patented, nor is it copyrighted, nor is it claimed to be trade secret, will ever see the light of day?

There should be a law that only open source software may be used in the election process. It should be illegal to use trade secret software to process ballots. That alone, without even going into the details of specifying the levels of required security, would make a huge difference.