On April 4, 1986, The New York Times published an opinion piece SEND ‘EM A MESSAGE? HE SURE DID.

People keep asking me why I would vote for someone who can’t win. Much as I don’t like the example, what George Wallace did is a very good explanation. It worked for Southern racists, why not put the lesson to good use instead?

Here are the facts in The New York Times story.

In 1968, Mr. Wallace ran on his own American Independent Party ticket. It was an extremely close two-way result, with Richard Nixon’s 43.4 percent beating Hubert Humphrey’s 42.7 percent. But George Wallace won an amazing 14 percent.

Not only did Richard Nixon win the election of 1968, but by 1972 he had come up with a Southern strategy based on the lesson from George Wallace. That lesson was that he could pander to the racist inclinations of southern voters and politicians to win the south away from the Democrats and to the Republican party. Almost 45 years later, we are still suffering from the “lesson” George Wallace taught the nation.

So, a vote for Jill Stein could set in motion a wave that makes the ideas of Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders dominant for the next 50 years. That could happen without either of them actually winning this race. What political race did Martin Luther King, Jr. ever win? Yet, his impact on this country and the world is undeniable.

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