Applying Oligarchic Standards To Government Programs

The oligarchs are always touting how well the economy is doing by, for instance, talking about the run-up in the stock market.

There is a government program to which we can apply the same logic and standards. Look at the government run lotteries. Have you read about all the people who have won $100s of millions of dollars with a single ticket. The government doesn’t even incur any debt nor take any taxes for this miracle to happen. These lotteries even lower the deficit. The government puts out a product at a very cheap price, and the buyers come running of their own free choice.

You don’t hear much in the corporate press about any down side to this wonderful government program. It must be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I will let you suggest where I should have put the flags. You do realize that there was sarcasm here, don’t you?

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