Is ‘Our Revolution’ the Way To Build Transformative Politics?

Naked Capitalism has the article Is ‘Our Revolution’ the Way To Build Transformative Politics? by Lambert Strether.

Lambert Strether points us to the following interview on The Real News Network.

Bill Curry and Paul Jay discuss the objectives and controversy around the launch of Bernie Sanders, ‘Our Revolution’

Lambert Strether says about Our Revolution:

In fact, I consider the emergence of independent, stand-alone, and big left entities more important than which presidential candidate gets elected; “elections come and go,” as Sanders says. So, naturally, I fit “Our Revolution” into that picture, and I feel a good deal of hope for it. It’s pretty rare for me to be hopeful about politics!

After watching the interview, I come away with the opposite feeling.

When Paul Jay can tamp down his own view and let the interviewee speak, we get to learn some important lessons. Paul Jay wanted too strongly to suppress the idea of the importance of educating the public. I only wish they had gotten into a deeper discussion of what the successful movements did to accomplish the education of the public.

For a long time I have been saying that organizations that I have belonged to need to spend more time in the off season to educate the public. Trying to do it when an election is imminent is too late. Over the last 40 or more years, this seems to be the lesson that the Republicans, conservatives, and oligarchs have learned well. I only wish I knew how to help do it for progressives. I keep looking for experiences that will teach me how I can help educate.

Ironically, The Real News Network is all about educating the public in between elections. That works for people like me who are always looking for discussions of issues and has the time to read and watch. I want to know how to spread that knowledge to a much wider audience. Curry mentions a number of progressive movements that were successful at the grass roots level, which is where I live.

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