Sturbridge Green-Rainbow Town Committee

What is the interest among Sturbridge residents for forming a Green-Rainbow Town Committee?

I am trying to gather responses on the Committee’s Facebook page. Of course, the Facebook page is in anticipation of such a committee being formed. It does not exist yet (to my knowledge).

The Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance has a Getting Started page for forming a Town, Ward, or City Committee.

On that page, they explain the section of the Massachusetts general laws that define some of the rules.

What is a Local Party Committee?

M.G.L. Chapter 52 regulates the process by which local political party committees are formed. Ward and town committee members of each party are elected at the presidential primary by those who have voted in that particular party. The members of the various ward committees of a political party in a city constitute the city committee.

Ward and town committee members hold office for a term of four years, ending on the thirtieth day following the date of the next presidential primary. City and town committees determine the number of members of ward and town committees, which must be no less than three and not more than thirty five per committee. Ward and town committees may also have associate members. A change in residence or in party affiliation may cause an individual to cease being a member of a political party committee.

In addition to the information provided here, those interested in forming a local party committee should also consult with the appropriate state political party committee and with the Elections Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office for more information.

The OCPF Video: Instructional video for Ward, Town and City Party Committees does not seem to exist as of this date – January 6, 2017.

The Office of Campaign and Political Finance Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a CAMPAIGN FINANCE GUIDE – Committee Treasurer. The introduction to this 22 page guide says the following:

This brochure is designed to introduce treasurers of political committees to the provisions of the campaign finance law.

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