Why the United States is at War With Itself

Uplift has the article Why the United States is at War With Itself. The article begins with what I believe to be a perceptive description of the problem.

The heads of the CIA and FBI have both come on the record to say that America’s traditional enemy, Russia, covertly interfered in the elections by hacking the Democrat Party. Whether you believe this story or not is irrelevant to a far more important point: that the American establishment is now at war with itself. By leaking information on what it says is evidence of a Russian information influence operation, the US intelligence community is conducting its own influence operation against an incoming president.

Although it is exceptional to be perceptive, that is still the easy part. Analyzing causes and cures is where almost all such articles fail to satisfy (probably including my post here). The article goes on to identify one of the probable causes of our troubles.

Information is in overproduction, and the more we are saturated with it, with social media and news reports and multimedia stories and soundbites and expert commentary, the less we collectively understand the world around us.

This is a flawed analysis which might lead to bad “solutions”. This may not at all be an indication that “the less we collectively understand the world around us.” It is quite likely that before this, we falsely believed that we collectively understood the world around us. Now that more information is available and we don’t know what to believe, we may actually be more accurately assessing what we know and what we don’t know. This may be huge progress when not looked at through brown colored glasses.

What I fear is that the feeling that there is an information overproduction might lead to efforts to rein in this production. As stated above, I believe we may be far better off with this “overproduction” than we were before.

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