Glenn Greenwald on Bernie Sanders

Democracy Now, one of those purveyors of fake fake news (meaning the truth), has this episode Glenn Greenwald on Bernie Sanders.

Worth watching and wondering if we aren’t being too clever by half to think we can use politicians like Elizabeth Warren to further our goals when she has shown she does not care about us any more? Who do you think is more adept at using people, we using politicians, or politicians using us? I think playing it straight and not trying to be devious is the road to success in the long run. When you are devious, you eventually destroy your own credibility.

We can also learn from Sanders’ example about handling Trump. If we keep disparaging Trump voters, that will not help unite them with us to fight on the issues that need fighting. Where I disagree with Sanders is that the constant harping on the issues we used to disparage Trump voters may be counter-productive. I am not saying to ignore these issues. It is just that I think their must be a better way of winning the hearts and minds of people than disparaging them all the time.

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