Donald Trump Lashes Out at Hillary Clinton, Calling Her ‘Guilty as Hell’

The New York Times has the story Donald Trump Lashes Out at Hillary Clinton, Calling Her ‘Guilty as Hell’

The New York Times can dish it out, but it seems to have its own problems taking it.

They try to dismiss the one thing that really gets their goat.

Mr. Trump likes to dismiss the “failing New York Times,” but he clearly reads it closely.

I actually think that Trump is right about The New York Times. It fails to live up to its belief that it is a newspaper of record as far as reporting the truth. Some people (not I) listen to Faux Noise despite knowing that it is faux and just noise. They do it to see what the crazies are saying lately.

The one thing that I find heartening about all the things that Trump has reportedly tweeted is the following:

My people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days!

Of all the reports that Trump may have caved in to the “intelligence” communities false story that it has proof of “Russian” “hacking” this quote seems to indicate that he will look at this issue again when the “intelligence” community it no longer under the control of the Obama administration. I have no delusion that Trump is necessarily any more honest than Obama is, but at least the new report will show how fast the “intelligence” community can reverse itself on what is true depending on who is the President.

Before critiquing what I have said, please read my words carefully. I have chosen them carefully to convey what part of the “Russian” “hacking” I dispute, and what I don’t dispute. To be clear, I dispute that the “intelligence” community has published proof. They may or may not have proof, but what they have published so far is not proof. I have no opinion on whether or not Russia has or has not done what the “intelligence” community claims.

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