Bernie Sanders And “The Resistance” Slink Away On Syria

The Young Turks has the article Bernie Sanders And “The Resistance” Slink Away On Syria.

In the immediate aftermath of a military action is when principled opposition to “regime change” would really count. And the plain fact is, Sanders does not oppose regime change in this instance, and he does not oppose on principle the US being a central actor in facilitating the ouster of Assad. That’s why FiveThirtyEight characterized him as “ambiguous” and noncommittal — because his comments since Thursday give credence to the logic underlying Trump’s attack.

In a private email thread that I have exchanged with the Draft Bernie For A People’s Party, I expressed my disappointment with Bernie as the reason that I would not be working for that effort anymore. They recognized my disappointment, and agreed that they were disappointed, too. They explained that we only need Bernie to help form the new party, but we don’t need him to run for any office. I knew that already, but I don’t want to be associated with an effort that appears to endorse Bernie Sanders anymore.

I had a feeling that the right word to apply to Bernie Sanders’ stance was pusillanimous. It seems like I was right.

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