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Bernie Sanders And “The Resistance” Slink Away On Syria

The Young Turks has the article Bernie Sanders And “The Resistance” Slink Away On Syria.

In the immediate aftermath of a military action is when principled opposition to “regime change” would really count. And the plain fact is, Sanders does not oppose regime change in this instance, and he does not oppose on principle the US being a central actor in facilitating the ouster of Assad. That’s why FiveThirtyEight characterized him as “ambiguous” and noncommittal — because his comments since Thursday give credence to the logic underlying Trump’s attack.

In a private email thread that I have exchanged with the Draft Bernie For A People’s Party, I expressed my disappointment with Bernie as the reason that I would not be working for that effort anymore. They recognized my disappointment, and agreed that they were disappointed, too. They explained that we only need Bernie to help form the new party, but we don’t need him to run for any office. I knew that already, but I don’t want to be associated with an effort that appears to endorse Bernie Sanders anymore.

I had a feeling that the right word to apply to Bernie Sanders’ stance was pusillanimous. It seems like I was right.

Ex- U.S. Intelligence Officials: Trump Should Rethink Syria Escalation

Consortium News has the article Trump Should Rethink Syria Escalation.

Two dozen ex-U.S. intelligence officials urge President Trump to rethink his claims blaming the Syrian government for the chemical deaths in Idlib and to pull back from his dangerous escalation of tensions with Russia.

Went it comes to picking a side to believe, we naturally believe the Americans who want war over the Americans who want peace. Obviously the people who want peace have some nefarious ulterior motive. The people who want war to build a pipeline through Syria have nothing to gain.

Did I need to put sarcasm flags around the above? It wasn’t obvious enough for some people?

Putin calls for U.N. investigation of gas attack as G-7 nations reject new sanctions against Russia

The Los Angeles Times has the story Putin calls for U.N. investigation of gas attack as G-7 nations reject new sanctions against Russia.

Instead of sanctions, the meeting’s final communique called for an investigation by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to determine who was responsible for the “war crime.” The U.S. and Britain say there is little doubt Assad’s forces are culpable.

Perhaps this is a sign that the wall of intimidation that the USA has built is starting to show cracks. It isn’t crumbling yet. We will have to see if the instinct to resort to reason can overcome the money of the oil interests. I wish there were little doubt that reason would win.

Interview with British Journalist Tom Duggan

YouTube has the video Interview with British Journalist Tom Duggan.

Interview with British Journalist Tom Duggan in Damascus Kasaa at the French Hospital tells us about the chemical attacks accusations:

You can find links to this video all over the internet. Here is one from The International ReporterSYRIA: Terrorist Attacks on Civilians in Damascus, Alleged Chemical Attacks in Idlib – Tom Duggan Reporting Live.

I was trying to find other instances of Tom Duggan’s reporting other than the above interview. One that I found was Project 1070 Under fire ASP report Aleppo Tom Duggan with Sinan Saeed. This has been enough to convince me that Tom Duggan might actually be who he claims to be. In this web of lies that reporting on Syria has become, it is hard to know if anybody can be trusted to tell you even a portion of the truth.