Free Movie Plot

I have been thinking of a plot for a movie. Since I am no screenwriter, I offer this idea free of encumbrance to anyone who has the skills to turn this into an actual movie.

It starts out with a high advisor to a President Drumpf telling him that if he keeps up his anti-war stances, that he won’t survive one more week. Rather than cower into submission, Drumpf decides to go public about the threat. In a daring attempt to prevent his own assassination, he tweets the threat and names the person who made it. He then decides to cloister himself in the White House, so they can’t do to him what they did to John F. Kennedy. He then realizes that his family members are still vulnerable. He tries talking to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who were silenced in the same way they have attempted to silence him.

The rest of the plot is going to have to be invented by whoever decides to pick up the challenge and turn it into a complete movie.

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