Nina Turner on Her New Role As President of Our Revolution

The Real News Network has this interview Nina Turner on Her New Role As President of Our Revolution.

Nina Turner and Paul Jay discuss the fight against corporate democrats from the struggle for single payer in California to electing progressives countrywide, and take viewer questions live on air

I have a lot of hope for Nina Turner’s leadership of “Our Revolution”. I like the way she speaks so forthrightly about the issues. I agree with her specific take on the Russian issue. It is not that we don’t need to know the facts, but the problem is having already come to the decisions on what punishments to impose before we have the slightest clue as to the facts.

I can understand that the focus of her organization is on domestic issues that impact the American people. However issues of trade and war are frequently not thought of as domestic issues, but they still have a major impact on the residents of this country. I hope that “Our Revolution” as an organization will act like they fully understand the tight connection with these issues and life in these United States.

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