Concrete Material Benefits: “Better Deal” vs. “People’s Platform”

Naked Capitalism has the article Concrete Material Benefits: “Better Deal” vs. “People’s Platform”.

If you wonder what could have been proposed that is better than what the Democratic Party “leaders” proposed, then this article puts forth many ideas. I’ll cut to the chase, and go right to the conclusion.

For myself, I believe that a platform that delivers universal concrete material benefits, especially to the working class, is the way forward for a Democratic Party, or whatever party succeeds it, if Democrats go in another direction. Considerations of justice and electoral politics aside, a key form of collective brain damage inflicted over the last forty years by neoliberals of both parties is the belief that government can’t deliver benefits effectively. (Granted, neoliberals went out of their way to sabotage government’s ability to do just that, so the belief has a basis in reality.) I believe the remedy for that brain damage is, unsurprisingly, government that delivers benefits effectively (which is why #MedicareForAll is an important wedge issue, but adopting the simplest and most rugged form of single payer is also important, as opposed to some Swiss Watch-like program with lots of complications and dials and moon phases and such). A government that delivers benefits effectively is also a prerequisite for many other policies, chief among them dealing with climate change.

No more neoliberal shit for me.

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