Gauis Publius: There Is No “Political Center” in Modern America

Naked Capitalism has the article Gauis Publius: There Is No “Political Center” in Modern America.

Has anything changed recently with the introduction of the Democrat’s “Better Deal” campaign? Richard Eskow convincingly argues no. It may be time to admit that the reason we have Republicans in power — in a majority of states as well as the federal government — owes less to Vladimir Putin than it does to mainstream Democrats themselves.

Americans have not much ability to “fix” Vladimir Putin. Do American have the ability to “fix” the Democratic Party, to cure it of its need to pursue money instead of voters? Perhaps, but not if the Party doesn’t want to be fixed.

This is why I get so perturbed by people who want to make Russia the focus of what we have to fix. We can stop Russia from doing everything some people believe it is doing, and our problems still won’t get fixed. Since Russia is telling us some truths about ouor country, our problems may actually get worse if we put a stop to evrything that Russia is doing.

For a long time, I have believed that Capitalism was forced to exhibit some humanitarian terndencies in order to compete against the threat of Communism (USSR and China). Now that the threat of Communism is almost non-existent, there is nothing to put a human face on Capitalism. It is not that I want Communism back, but we should face facts about the benefits of the competition of ideas when Communism existed as a threat. What are we going to do now to spur competition in ideas?

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