Skripals poisoned from front door of Salisbury home, police say

The Guardian has the article Skripals poisoned from front door of Salisbury home, police say .

Detectives investigating the attempted murders of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal have said they believe the pair were poisoned with a nerve agent at the front door of his Salisbury home.

Specialists investigating the poisoning of the the Skripals have found the highest concentration of the nerve agent on the front door at the address, police said.

If you were a reporter/editor with the most meager qualifications for your job, this story would raise a lot of questions that you would pose in this incredulous article.

How would the would be assassin know that the Skirpal’s would be using their front door? As an owner of a home with an attached garage, I seldom use the front door because I usually enter and exit my house through the garage.

How could the would be assassin know that there wouldn’t be many others dropping dead from the poison? Do they not have door-to-door sales people, religious proselytizers, mail and package deliverers, newspaper deliverers, nor household staff in England? Any of these people would have been similarly poisoned and dropping like flies.

Do the British authorities think their story is so credible, that nobody is going to scoff at this naive explanation?

April 11, 2018 4:35 PM

I just read and posted about the article Liars Lying About Nearly Everything.

As the latest British account of the location of the alleged poison places it on the door handle of the Skripals’ residence, the timetable element is also unconvincing. That means that the two would have spent three hours, including a stop at a pub and lunch, before succumbing on a park bench. Military grade nerve agents kill instantly and this one is said to be 8 times more powerful than VX.

I hadn’t even thought about this issue when I first posted this post.

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