Daily Archives: May 3, 2018

How Social Media Platforms Suppress Key Truths

The Off-Guardian has the article How Social Media Platforms Suppress Key Truths.

This hidden, never-explained, but clearly systematic, news-suppression, exemplifies the widespread and coordinated operation by the major media, against any independent sites which document things that the Establishment, the aristocracy, the “Deep State,” or however you call the controlling owners of the corporations that advertise in and own the media, hire their journalists and editors to block from reaching the public.

It should have been obvious from the beginning as it has been to me that when you get a “free” service, you are at the mercy of the people who are giving it to you. That is why I have continued to maintain this blog, which I pay GoDaddy to host. Originally, I only used Facebook and Twitter to advertise the articles on this blog. I have woefully fallen down on the job by posting and making comments on Facebook that are not on this blog.

I have also recognized early on the power of the internet to break the monopoly on the news that is held by the corporate press. I had hoped something would come of this before the oligarchs running our society woke up to the power of the internet. I thought getting rid of net neutrality would be the first step. I now realize that before that change even gets to take hold, the effort to censor the internet is having a larger impact.

I think time is rapidly running out for the power of the internet to overcome the power of the oligarchs.