Israel Baits the Hook. Will Syria Bite?

New Eastern Outlook has the article Israel Baits the Hook. Will Syria Bite?

At face value, for Iran to inexplicably launch missiles at Israel, unprovoked and achieving no conceivable tactical, strategic, or political gain strains the credibility of Israel’s narrative even further.

But it is perhaps published US policy designating Israel as a hostile provocateur tasked with expanding Washington’s proxy war against Damascus that fully reveals the deadly and deceptive game Israel and the Western media are now playing.

For years, US policymakers admitted in their papers that the US desired regime change in Iran and sought to provoke a war to achieve it.

This article provides an analysis that I had not considered before. Perhaps Russia is being wise to avoid retaliation against unprovoked attacks from the USA and Israel. Still, I wonder if it makes any sense for Russia to make threats that it knows it is not prepared to carry out. If the USA specifically wants Russia to carry out these threats, that may be an even better reason not to make them.

I don’t doubt that Vladimir Putin has thought about this more deeply than I have. Perhaps he has a strategy that I am unable to recognize.

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