Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Her Primary Victory

NPR has the interview Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Her Primary Victory.

I saw a posting of this interview that misunderstood what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said. Here is the whole snippet of what she actually said.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: Well, I think – I do think that we have to have a secure border. We need to make sure that people are, in fact, documented. But that doesn’t mean that we threaten people’s lives. It doesn’t mean that we kill them. It doesn’t mean that, you know, we have people sabotaging water supplies on our border. I don’t think that we respond by actively harming and potentially putting people’s lives in danger.

INSKEEP: Oh, you’re talking about the idea of, like, getting rid of water supplies so that it’s harder for migrants to move across, that sort of thing.


If you only look at Inskeep’s clarification question and her answer, you don’t realize that she is saying “right” to his clarification of what she is against. She is not proposing sabotaging water supplies. She is stating that she opposes sabotaging water supplies.

So knock this misstatement loudly and vociferously if you should happen to run across it. Keep a link to this blog post so that you will have the proper reference to use when you debunk the false meme.

On some other occasion, when she has more time, I hope she gets into the need for us to stop interfering in the governments of these people’s countries so that it drives them away from home and toward the safety of the USA.

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