Stocks- Wall Street Higher as U.S. Softens Foreign Investment Stance

Yahoo! has the article Stocks- Wall Street Higher as U.S. Softens Foreign Investment Stance. – Wall Street opened modestly higher on Wednesday amid news that the White House administration would take a less harsh approach to foreign investment restrictions.

This is utterly ridiculous. The USA refuses to take actions that would make us economically competitive with China. That being said, we at least had investment restrictions that kept China from taking complete advantage of its superior competitive position. By starting a trade war, #45 has now backed himself into a position that he has to soften the one effective tool that we had to stave off the competition until we woke up to how the world economy really works.

What the USA government should be doing to compete economically is to invest in our economy to make it more productive and to stimulate it into full capacity operation. We should moderate the income and wealth inequality to put more money into the hands of people who actually buy stuff. We should lift the financial burden on getting an education to become a world class participant in the world economy. We should stop spending so much money on munitions that we then just blow-up to keep our empire going. We should lift the burden of paying for health care from our corporations by implementing Medicare For All.

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