A Company Few Americans Know Is About to Dethrone Intel

Yahoo! is carrying the Bloomberg story A Company Few Americans Know Is About to Dethrone Intel.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. was created in 1987 to churn out chips for companies that lacked the money to build their own facilities. The approach was famously dismissed at the time by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. founder Jerry Sanders. “Real men have fabs,” he quipped at a conference, using industry lingo for factories.
Sanders’ current successor at AMD, Chief Executive Officer Lisa Su, doesn’t have to worry about this because the company sold its factories and lets TSMC handle the complex production.

“That’s one of the best decisions we’ve made,” said Su. “It allows us to manage risk and focus on the things that make the product great.”

Having worked for Digital Equipment Corporation and then having moved on before Digital had to sell itself to Compaq which in turn sold itself to Intel, I do maintain a residual interest in all of this. I have been wondering how AMD has stayed competitive with Intel. I didn’t realize that AMD gave up its own manufacturing. Trying to keep up its own manufacturing is a large part of what did Digital in. I am glad I got out of Digital when the time was right.

As a former owner of some Intel stock, I am not ready to count Intel out, but this is the kind of story to know about if I ever consider buying back into Intel stock.

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