Colorado Democrats Already Betraying Workers Who Elected Them

YouTube has the video Colorado Democrats Already Betraying Workers Who Elected Them.

Colorado Democrats saw some victories in the Midterms with the promise of more worker’s rights. They’re already changing their tune…

The video makes many valid and worthwhile points, but a dangerous point slipped in.

California may be the fifth largest economy in the world, but California does not create its own money the way the USA Federal government does. For a state like California, asking how you are going to pay for something at the state level is a valid question. It’s sad when people mistake the message of Modern Money Theory delivers about what a country like the USA can do, as if it applied to individual states.

Such misunderstandings will come back to bite the people who make them. If too many people learn the wrong thing about Modern Money Theory, the whole explanation will be discredited.

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