India and Kashmir

It seems like Kashmir is a topic that is returning to international attention. Perhaps this is an even more intractable situation than the Israel/Palestinian conflict. I have no knowledge nor insight by which I have any right to opine on the matter. All I think I can do is to provide information about the many sides to this story.

I will present an article and a video representing two different sides to this issue.

I emphasize that I have no right to be taking sides, so the order of presentation does not indicate a favoritism to one side or the other. I can say that the problem is certainly a troubling one.

Popular Resistance has the article Kashmir And Palestine Share The Struggle For Self Determination Against Colonial Occupation. This seems to represent the side I have seen most often on the internet.

YouTube has the video Kashmir: From Kashyap to Kafirs – Ashish Dhar – #IndicTalks – Talk-02. This is the side that I don’t see so often, and might not even have heard about except for some people I know that have an interest.

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