The end of capitalism has begun

The Guardian has the article The end of capitalism has begun.

Capitalism, it turns out, will not be abolished by forced-march techniques. It will be abolished by creating something more dynamic that exists, at first, almost unseen within the old system, but which will break through, reshaping the economy around new values and behaviours.

As I read this quote in an introduction to the article, I was thinking that it will suffer the usual failing of some great articles – great on analysis of the problem, short on the solutions.

At some point, as I read the article, I realized that this article was going to exceed my expectations. It’s not quite that he has proposed some great solution as it is that he has given a hint as to what that solution might look like and how it is different from anything we may have imagined.

This is a thought provoking article that will shake all of our worlds. Articles like this don’t come around that often.

This video is just an introduction, but a good one.

The book mentioned in this article is Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future

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