Bernie Sanders teases plan to eliminate billions in medical debt

CNN has the article Bernie Sanders teases plan to eliminate billions in medical debt

The outline explains that the full plan will address the components of the 2005 bankruptcy bill that “made it much more difficult to discharge medical debt” and “trapped families with medical debt in long-term poverty.” It also promises to “make sure that no one’s credit score is negatively impacted by unpaid medical bills.”

CNN may not have any institutional memory about this bill but Google can supply that memory. The new bankruptcy law and you was published October 17, 2005.

What you should know about the law, which will make it tougher for consumers to clear their debts.

WikiPedia has a nice article Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act. Here is a mention of Joe Biden’s involvement.

The increase in Republican majorities in the Senate and House after the 2004 elections breathed new life into the bill, which was introduced in its current form by the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa.[17] According to George Packer in his book The Unwinding, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, and Hillary Clinton helped pass this bill.[18] (Of the three, however, only Biden voted for the final bill. Dodd voted against, and Clinton did not vote.[19])

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