Uber and Lyft just lost another battle in California

VOX has the article Uber and Lyft just lost another battle in California.

If AB 5 passes the full Senate, it would essentially disrupt a business model championed and cherished by Silicon Valley. Uber, Lyft, and other app-based gig companies rely on hundreds of thousands of independent contractors to give rides, deliver food, and complete other tasks.

Reclassifying them as employees would change everything.

Gig workers would get labor protections and benefits that all employees get, such as unemployment insurance, health care subsidies, paid parental leave, overtime pay, workers’ compensation, paid rest breaks, and a guaranteed $12 minimum hourly wage. And, perhaps more importantly, they would be able to unionize.

It is unfortunate that so many progressives think nothing of using Uber, Lyft, and the other services. They don’t seem to make the connection between the cheap prices and the suppression of wages for the drivers. Walmart and Amazon have the same attraction for people on a budget. I know I should go easy on the customers. I know I have the privilege of not needing to save money this way. This gig economy is the way the oligarchs entice poor victims to take part in crushing the poor.

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