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Sanders and Varoufakis Announce Alliance to Craft ‘Common Blueprint for an International New Deal’

Common Dreams has the article Sanders and Varoufakis Announce Alliance to Craft ‘Common Blueprint for an International New Deal’.

After arguing in a pair of Guardian op-eds last month that a worldwide progressive movement is needed to counter the unifying rightwing “that sprang out of the cesspool of financialized capitalism,” former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis announced in Rome on Friday that he and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plan to officially launch “Progressives International” in the senator’s state on Nov. 30.

This is a very hopeful sign. As the oligarchs frequently point out that if a single country tightens the rules, then international capital will just move to a country where there are friendlier rules (meaning no rules). Only a fairly uniform international set of rules can solve that problem the oligarchs rightfully warn us about.

I have previous posts that talk about how such international cooperation was under way until George W. Bush put a stop to it. See International Tax Competition and Coordination.

Here is a search for all the posts where I may have touched on the subject – Search results for “international tax”

The Legitimization Machine: Elizabeth Warren

LA Progressive has the article The Legitimization Machine: Elizabeth Warren.

The fundamental problem with Warren is that she begins with the neoliberal assumption that one can prioritize markets and business, while still serving the public good with the right set of incentives and regulations.

This is the best analysis I have yet to read about what bothers me about Elizabeth Warren. I have disparaged her statement that she is a capitalist to her bones, but I never got to a complete analysis as good as the one in this article.