Daily Archives: September 20, 2019

Biden’s Wacky Medicare For Some Plan

In 13 seconds, Joe Biden discloses a detail of his Medicare for Some Plan, that shows exactly how wacky it is. You only have to watch up to 32:34. Unfortunately, YouTube will not allow me to specify a stop time.

This is how to specify a stop time, but ABC news won’t let you play it.

If the Medicare for Some or Medicare for Those Who Want It plan is anything like Joe Biden’s detailed description of it at the debate, then it is a plan to kill Medicare. Biden went so far in describing the flexibility of his plan that he explained if you decide to choose Medicare later after you have chosen a private plan, you can switch to Medicare whenever you like. So here is the scenario his plan sets up. Private plans are made up to give insurance that is much cheaper than Medicare. These plans will sound good, and they will be “good” as long as you are healthy. As soon as you get sick, the private plan will deny you coverage, and you will switch to Medicare. Medicare gets to insure all the sick people, and the private plans only insure people who have not gotten sick yet. That would be an “insurance” system where you only have to buy insurance to cover a loss you have just experienced. You buy the collision insurance after you have had the collision. Or you buy flood insurance only after you have been flooded out. Sounds nice, but no insurance company would sell you a policy under those conditions. Yet Biden wants the government “insurance” to behave exactly that way. Since Buttigieg has not described his version of a flexible plan, are we supposed to bet this his plan is more realistic? I don’t know how he can have a more “realistic” flexible plan that won’t land us right back in the mess we already have. If he’s got one, he needs to explain it.