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The People’s Money (Part 1)

New Economic Perspectives has the article The People’s Money (Part 1).

The Federal Reserve System, then, was cobbled together to solve these three problems. No one claimed it was the perfect solution. There were many compromises made to reach consensus in in the U.S. Congress. The banking interests didn’t want politics and the government to run the show. The government didn’t want the bankers to have exclusive control over something that the common good, ultimately, depended on. The FED, then, became a partnership—partially under the banker’s control, partly under the control of the federal government.

I think this is a pretty good description of how money works in the USA. See if you find anything in this description that you didn’t already know. If you have questions, then there are answers. The discussion can happen on my Facebook post, or you can join the conversation on New Economic Perspectives.