Sanders: I Wouldn’t Make Obama’s Mistake of Shutting Down Grassroots Pressure on Washington

The Intercept has the article Sanders: I Wouldn’t Make Obama’s Mistake of Shutting Down Grassroots Pressure on Washington.

The debate over the fate of Obama for America, Obama’s campaign arm, goes back to 2008, when Obama adjudicated an internal dispute within his operation by mothballing the organization and folding it under the auspices of the Democratic National Committee, which itself was forbidden from pressuring Democrats to push Obama’s agenda. Some in his orbit argued that Obama’s insider approach to the presidency needed to be complemented by robust outside pressure from grassroots organizers. But Obama believed that he and his team, led by Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, would be able to work more effectively with moderates and Republicans if grassroots activists weren’t pressuring them from the outside. That turned out not to be the case.

The above quotation is what motivates me to post this own my blog. I have had people deny that Obama did any such thing as mentioned in this quotation. The next time someone denies this when I bring it up, I will have this post to put before them.

Also, that’s “our” Richard Neal they talk about in the article. In my years with the Sturbridge Democratic Town Committee, they were so afraid of offending Richard Neal that they wouldn’t even entertain the thought of giving a challenger a platform to speak. I hope this comes back to haunt them.

Life in Sturbridge is just too cushy for some people to realize that there are people who are hurting very badly from years of neoliberal policies of the Democratic Party.

In 2015, I tried to tell them that there were people in this country who despised Hillary Clinton. They thought I was nuts. They probably still believe that Hillary lost because of Russia.

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