Sanders Explains Castro

Here is the story on Bernie Sanders’ remarks about Fidel Castro according to Steve Greenberg. If the oligarchs in Cuba or in the USA insist on taking all the benefits of the economy for themselves, and don’t share those benefits with the rest of the people, eventually a bloody revolution will ensue. The leaders of that revolution will gain the support of the people by sharing some of the economic benefits with the people. If our oligarchs like that result, they can keep on doing what they are doing. If they want to avoid a bloody revolution, they need to stop hoarding all the benefits to themselves.

Time after time in history this scenario has played out. Except for FDR (and maybe some other examples) the oligarchs never learn in time how to prevent a bloody popular uprising. Bernie Sanders is telling us how to prevent that uprising, but the chances that the oligarchs will get the message are very slim.

I think too few current day oligarchs have any knowledge of the song Brother, Can you Spare A Dime?

The Brunswick Crosby recording made on October 25[. 1932] with Lennie Hayton and his Orchestra became the best-selling record of its period, and came to be viewed as an anthem to the shattered dreams of the era.

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