Is Biden’s Ukraine Story Believable?

RT (Russia Today) has the story Biden treated Ukraine ‘as his private property’, says purged prosecutor Shokin on Burisma scandal – UkraineGate documentary.

Former top Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin says he was pushed out under pressure from US Vice President Joe Biden, after he seized the assets of the oligarch behind Burisma, the gas company that employed Biden’s son.

I have been aware of this side of the story for some time, but there don’t seem to be many who have any idea about this. Somebody is lying to us about this whole affair. I don’t purport to know who. I never could understand why the Democrats wanted to make such a big issue of this, if Biden is the one who is lying. I do have to ask myself what happened to the Burisma case after Biden got the Prosecutor General of the Ukraine fired. The case that Biden claims he wanted prosecuted more vigorously seems to have died in silence after Biden got his way. Does that even raise any suspicions in your mind?

I can understand some people dismissing the source, RT. However, doesn’t my question above give you even a moment’s pause?

What does this say about our purported dislike of Russia interfering in USA elections? If we don’t like that, why do we foment trouble for Russia in the Ukraine? Is that not interfering in other country’s affairs? If we don’t like it, we should stop doing it.

In my career, I tried to avoid demanding that people do things my way. I preferred to do things my way as a model for what good comes from doing things my way. Some people did adopt some of my techniques.

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