Being Mr. Nice Guy Won’t Save The USA

At a meeting of Bernie supporters this evening, I was castigated for expressing ideas like this from Jimmy Dore. (I hadn’t seen this video before I went to the meeting.) The one good thing I heard at the meeting was the question from Steev, “What do exit polls mean when Bernie Sanders’ supporters voted early?” It never dawned on me that the trick to early voting was to skew the exit polls.

If Bernie is Mr. Nice Guy, good for him. He has no control over his supporters, which should be obvious when some of us defy what he suggests. I support Bernie, not just because I like him. I support Bernie because I think he espouses the formula for saving the country. Saving the country is too important to sacrifice because you want to play nice.

If Elizabeth Warren wants to sell us out to advance her career, then I cannot support her anymore. I rue the many days I worked to get her elected. #RecallWarren. Should we keep it a secret from Warren that some of her former supporters would like to see her recalled? Or should we tell her this while she still has a chance to redeem herself?

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