David Harvey- The Crises of Capitalism

YouTube has this excellent post David Harvey- The Crises of Capitalism.

10 years old, but very applicable still. Meaning we never solved the problems that we had 10 years ago. Pay attention to the fact that the speaker admits that he has analyzed the problem, but has not figured out the solution. I worry about the people who have an ideology that they think is the perfect solution.

This is why I call myself a “what worksist”. We need to try various solutions, measure how well they are working, adopt the ones that help, and get rid of or modify the ones that don’t That’s not an easy process, but I think it is the process that was adopted by the Roosevelt administration.

As long as there is population growth, there may need to be economic growth. (Although, some redistribution could minimized some of the need for growth.) This goes along with my idea that people think in binary terms. They think something is good to do or bad to do, without considering the amounts in between 0 and 100% mat be what’s needed.

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