Where does the (economic) buck stop?

Medium has the article Where does the (economic) buck stop?.

This is the most honest discussion of this situation I have seen coming from the MMT world. I just saw a March 2020 interview with Stephanie Kelton where she did mention the supply shock from the pandemic, but the interviewer wasn’t smart enough to push her to explain more. Actually Stephanie should have answered the question the interviewer failed to ask. I did a little skimming of the Medium article above. Did I miss where he mentioned that the people who are willing to “sit” on the money, and not spend it, are the wealthy who are actually “spending it” to keep the stock market bubble inflated? I am one of those retired folk who will take a hit when the stock market crashes.

The Stephanie Kelton interview is at Stephanie Kelton: MMT, the Crisis, and the Real Economy

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