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Matt Taibbi: The Media’s Role In Dividing Us In Light Of Capitol Chaos

YouTube has Rising’s interview Matt Taibbi: The Media’s Role In Dividing Us In Light Of Capitol Chaos.

Journalist, Matt Taibbi, reacts to how the media both contributed to and covered the riots at the United States Capitol.

They still don’t seem to remember the beneficial effects of the fairness doctrine, and the anti-monopoly enforcement that prevented domination of a market by a single corporation.

This Substack approach is not good enough for the 21st century. The internet gives access to so many different voices, that nobody should be forced to choose a subset of voices that they want to pay a subscription for. Scroll has, maybe an imperfect, model for the 2st century. Scroll is a clearing house for as many voices as want to sign up with their service. Scroll then takes the viewers subscription money, and distributes it to the people that actually get watched. This is done by looking at the traffic to a person’s media outlet on a minute-by-minute measurement. The subscriber ends up paying for sources that she or he actually views on any given day.

Glenn Greenwald REACTS: Twitter, Facebook SUSPEND Trump Accounts

YouTube has Rising’s interview Glenn Greenwald REACTS: Twitter, Facebook SUSPEND Trump Accounts.

Journalist, Glenn Greenwald, reacts to both Twitter and Facebook suspending President Trump’s accounts and deleting two of his posts.

I agree with Glenn Greenwald. Furthermore, the problem in the USA is deeper than a President lying. Truth has been the previous antidote to lies. We have to look at why it is so hard for the truth to get out in the USA these days. The corporate media is a bigger source of lies than any social media. We used to try to prevent the media from going unchallenged with the fairness doctrine for broadcast media, and anti-monopoly laws for the print media.