A Case Of The Twisties 1

Live Science has the article What’s happening inside Simone Biles’ brain when the ‘twisties’ set in?

A complex system in the brain that keeps gymnasts balanced can get out of whack.

I had a chance to experience this when I was learning SCUBA diving. I was doing somersaults in the water when I suddenly lost the ability to feel which way was up. I had to stop all motion to recover. If I hadn’t been wearing SCUBA gear, I might have run out of breath before my senses recovered. I never did somersaults in the water again.

This article is something we non-athletes need to understand before we criticize athletes. Max Blumenthal’s recent remarks about Simone Biles are so reprehensible, that I may not be able to listen to him ever again. It’s like I have the twisties about Max Blumnenthal.

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