Obama’s Ads on 09/12/2008

Follow this link for the ad titled Still.  This is the one where McCain admits he still doesn’t know how to use a computer.

Follow this link for the ad titled Real Change. Here Obama defines what he means by real change.

These are supposed to be examples of the new hard hitting ads that really take it to John McCain. Now I am really nervous about the Obama campaign. Does he really get it?

Follow this link to a pretty devastating analysis of the Obama campaign’s weak response. At some point it may be time to panic.  Are we there yet?

Follow this link to the interesting discussion that I started on the Obama site about the effectiveness of these ads.

Follow this link to the George Lakoff article mentioned in one of the responses in the above conversation. In the Lakoff article, he gives some excellent examples of how Obama should get away from McCain’s frame and onto the Obama frame.

If Obama must remain cerebral, how about an ad where Obama tells you that his ads are trying to get you to think and McCains ads are trying to get you to react?  Look where pure reaction has gotten us in the last 8 years or any time a Republican has been president in the last 28 years?

How about an ad where McCain is poking at a sleeping bear (Russia) and is totally surprised when it rears up and attacks him?  Maybe Sarah Palin poking at a moose would do it.