Health Insurance

McCain’s Radical Health Insurance Agenda 3

Follow this link to a column by Bob Herbert about McCain’s health insurance plan.

I must admit that I don’t pay much attentioin to what McCain has to say, but if this is truly his plan, your going to end up paying more for health insurance if McCain gets his way.  If this is true, his plan will discourage your employer from providing health insurance.  Instead you will get a $5,000 tax credit to pay for a family’s health insurance.  If that insurance in the private market costs you $10,000 or $12,000 per year, you take a hit in the wallet of over $5,000.  The only ones who come out ahead are the employers and the insurance companies.

If this is the kind of “help” you want, then go ahead and vote for McCain.

By the way, I wouldn’t keep linking to items in the New York Times if RichardH didn’t keep sending them to me. When he sends me something worth mentioning, I can’t pass it up.