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Hillary Clinton for President 12

Note: See July 12 update at the bottom.

As a former strong supporter of Barack Obama, I am looking for a way to rectify his betrayal of this country on his vote for the FISA bill. For a Professor of US Constitutional law to vote the way that he did is unpardonable.

If this capitulation to the assault on the rule of law is an example of how Obama negotiates with adversaries, then I am extremely worried. If he can not hold his original position on the FISA bill when it was the correct policy, it was a winning electoral strategy, and the Democrats had the numbers to enforce it, what will he do if he finds himself in a weaker position on an issue?

The only thing that I can think of that can be done now is to urge the Democratic Nominating Convention to give the nomination to Hillary Clinton. McCain is not the only alternative to Obama.

Thank goodness this weakness of Obama came to light before we took the irretrievable step of actually nominating him as the Democratic candidate for President.

By the way, if Hillary is too much to contemplate, then how about Al Gore?

According to Barack Obama, “I’m asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington … I’m asking you to believe in yours.”

If we can no longer believe in Obama’s ability to bring change, we can still believe in our own. Let’s start a campaign to give the nomination to another candidate.

Here is a July 12 update. According to the Huffington Post a “New Group Wants To Overthrow Obama At Convention”. Follow this link to see the article. This is the very first I have heard about this. I am not a member of this group. I doubt very much that they got the idea from me.

Follow this link to see the ad that this group ran.  Follow this link to the Denver Group’s web site.

The following cartoon was suggested by Richard H.
Cartoon Suggested by Richard H.