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Note: See July 12 update at the bottom.

As a former strong supporter of Barack Obama, I am looking for a way to rectify his betrayal of this country on his vote for the FISA bill. For a Professor of US Constitutional law to vote the way that he did is unpardonable.

If this capitulation to the assault on the rule of law is an example of how Obama negotiates with adversaries, then I am extremely worried. If he can not hold his original position on the FISA bill when it was the correct policy, it was a winning electoral strategy, and the Democrats had the numbers to enforce it, what will he do if he finds himself in a weaker position on an issue?

The only thing that I can think of that can be done now is to urge the Democratic Nominating Convention to give the nomination to Hillary Clinton. McCain is not the only alternative to Obama.

Thank goodness this weakness of Obama came to light before we took the irretrievable step of actually nominating him as the Democratic candidate for President.

By the way, if Hillary is too much to contemplate, then how about Al Gore?

According to Barack Obama, “I’m asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington … I’m asking you to believe in yours.”

If we can no longer believe in Obama’s ability to bring change, we can still believe in our own. Let’s start a campaign to give the nomination to another candidate.

Here is a July 12 update. According to the Huffington Post a “New Group Wants To Overthrow Obama At Convention”. Follow this link to see the article. This is the very first I have heard about this. I am not a member of this group. I doubt very much that they got the idea from me.

Follow this link to see the ad that this group ran.  Follow this link to the Denver Group’s web site.

The following cartoon was suggested by Richard H.
Cartoon Suggested by Richard H.

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12 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton for President

  • SteveG

    For a second, I thought you were criticizing my spelling.

    Actually, my idea is better than a filibuster. A filibuster could allow the Republicans to accuse the Democrats of standing in the way of national security because they care more about telco immunity. That’s what the Democrats were afraid of.

    Somehow, they were not able to think of the way to put the shoe on the other foot. Make the Republicans the ones obstructing national security because of their care for telco immunity.

  • SteveG

    It’s not even the vote that gets me so angry. It was the amateurish way that the whole FISA thing was handled.

    When the majority leader votes one way on the bill and half the Senators in his party vote the other way, you have to wonder what kind of management was being practiced.

    If they had organized, they could have passed the telco immunity stripping amendment and dared the Republicans to vote against national security.

    I forgot, I do not belong to any organized political party, I am a Democrat.

  • GarlandB

    I bet that if Hillary had won, the votes in the senate would have been reversed. Such is the nature of election posturing.

  • SteveG

    Keep in mind that I am not suggesting that anyone should pick McCain instead of Obama. What I am suggesting is to pick another Democratic nominee so we can choose that person over McCain.

    Lots of people seem to be stuck in the box that our only choices are Obama, McCain, or a third party nominee. Let’s get out of that box and see if there is someone else besides Obama.

    If it does come down to Obama, McCain, or third party, we can cross that bridge when we come to it. The Democrats’ weakness seems to be announcing their minimum acceptable position before negotiations begin.

    When pressed by some talking head like Tim Russert, it is acceptable to say, “Tim, you and I know that I would be a fool to tell you my minimum acceptable deal. Are you just testing me to see if I am a fool?”

  • JoanM

    Well, this certainly wasn’t one of Obama’s better weeks! A lot of people are having second thoughts. I’ve always felt that this election was his to lose, and he may just lose it. Do you really think we could get either Hillary or Al Gore nominated at the convention? I think it’s doubtful. It’s also depressing to think that we might have a McCain presidency.

  • SteveG

    I don’t even know what is going on anymore when you consider that about 70 Senators voted for the FISA bill without stripping out Telco immunity.

    The more I consider the FISA bill and what the ACLU is now saying, the more I think that telco immunity was not the only problem with the bill.

    Maybe something like what the Denver Group is trying to do can at least wake up Obama to the possibility that the voters can actually bring about change in the ways that they want.

    If we want candidates to have the strength to stick by their principles, maybe we need to have voters that can do it first.

  • EricK

    Steve, Do you really think Obama will not get the nomination? I told you a long time ago, I worried about him for many reasons. This is just another one. However, realistically, I think we are stuck with him. I would like another candidated that has some kohones to get the nomination, like Hillary or AL G, but I will be amazed if it comes down that way. EricK

  • SteveG

    Had you looked at this item on my blog?


    Many claim that he did not want to be tagged with the label of weak on national security. I had already emailed him a way to frame the issue so that it would be the Republicans that look bad.


    This is why I say that the Democrats need someone to teach them how to play hardball politics. Someone reminded me that they know how to play hardball when it comes to Ralph Nader.

  • LeonidG

    This looks like a deja-vu to me and I wonder whether all liberals are prone to that problem. Once I participated in an election in Israel and voted for the most progressive and liberal party, consisting mainly of university professors and alike. Boy, how was I disappointed when after getting a surprisingly large number of mandated and entering a coalition government they reneged on ALL their pledges and have not achieved ANY of their stated goals. They have not even tried, preferring to follow the most conservative parties’ agenda claiming that they cannot change them anyway.

    I am still puzzled why Obama voted for this bill.
    Any explanation you can suggest?

  • SteveG

    Hillary voted against FISA as did John Kerry. I don’t see Kennedy listed as having voted.

    We voters have been stuck thinking that our choices are Obama or McCain. Accepting this is like Obama telling the Republicans that he would vote for FISA before the battle even began.

    I am suggesting we try a different tack. Let’s see if we can put up a fight at the convention. Perhaps we can scare Obama as much as the Republicans seem to do.

  • EricK

    I am not sure what to say exactly. How did Hillary vote on FISA? I am not sure this is a deal breaker. I feel a bit like this is just something that might have worried me before, but like all politics and politicians, I am not surprised. I think it is naive to think Hillary or Al Gore could be the nominee. In the end we need a democrat in the white house. John McCain would be disastrous.