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Medicare & You For An E-Reader

I just received my electronic version of Medicare & You. On the second page of the document, it says

Now available for e-Reader

Visit www.medicare.gov/publications to download a digital version of this handbook to your e-Reader. You can get the same important information that’s included in the printed version in an easy‑to‑read format that you can take anywhere you go. This new option is available for the iPad, Nook, Sony e‑Reader, Kindle, and all other e-Reader devices.

At the time of this posting in my blog, you get a run-around if you use this link.  The only thing you can get is the PDF version from which you clicked on the link.

I found out that the ebook version will not be available until mid-October.

I got this information by having an online chat with a Medicare agent.  She suspected that the version I sought was just not available yet.  She told me to call an agent on the phone to escalate the issue of the ebook version not being available.

The person on the phone did a little research after I described the problem again.  She was the one that gave me the mid-October date.

For all you software/website geniuses out there, how much effort do you think it would have taken to make the website tell you that the ebook version was not available when you clicked on the link to get the ebook version?  This feature would be as opposed to the current “feature” that you just get taken back to the same page that will give you the PDF version with no explanation of what is going on.

Now weigh the cost of fixing the web site compared to handling just my tying up an agent in an online chat and another agent on the telephone to get the answer that could have been put on the website.  Even if there aren’t thousands of people like me who will contact Medicare to find out how to solve the problem, the cost of handling just my call alone is probably more than the cost of making the website give out this information.

Caroline Kennedy Endorses Elizabeth Warren for Senate

Caroline Kennedy gives a perfect description of some of the reasons why I support Elizabeth Warren. She could do so much in the Senate to help correct what has gone wrong in this country over the last 30 or so years.

Of course Elizabeth Warren cannot fix our problems of government by herself. It requires a President who is working to move the country in the same direction, more legislators who are pushing in the same direction, and it requires an active and vocal citizenry to keep reminding the opposition what the mandate is.

Scott Brown is twisting the truth, but it won’t cry uncle

Here is a radio ad from the Elizabeth Warren campaign.

I guess that is the risk Scott Brown thought he could take. He thought he could lie and get away with it. His TV ad is very cute. It shows The Boston Globe article, and the ad highlights certain words that are actually in the article. However, the technique is just like cutting out words from a newspaper to create a ransom note. The words were never put together that way in the article to mean what Brown’s ad pretend that they mean.

The ethics Scott Brown is showing is about on a level of someone who would put together a ransom note from words clipped out of the newspaper.

When Scott Brown said during the debate that Elizabeth Warren’s explanation of her role in the asbestos case was laughable, I would have said to Brown.

“What is laughable is that a man who claims to be a lawyer could read the court documents and misunderstand them so badly that he would come away with an interpretation that is exactly the opposite of what is in the documents.”